Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Peppers

I work in Horticulture during the summer, so my wonderful co-workers are always thinking up ways to use their garden veggies. This one was brought to my attention my my partner in crime, and when we made them at home, they were a huge hit. This is a perfect summer BBQ food, but also to store in the fridge and eat them cold after!
Also, since I have started work full-time, and I am back living at home with m super amazing jumbo famjam, I will not be able to experimentally cook because they wont eat it, then I will be left with 7 helpings of yuck. For that reason, If I come up with a good recipe or any tips, etc., I will update here, but I will be back in full swing come September and the starting of school !! :)

-jalapeno peppers
-cream cheese
-1 strip bacon every pepper

-tin foil
-baking sheet

Preheat the oven to 200F. Slice the peppers in half, length-wise and remove the seeds and stuff. Fill the halves with cream cheese, then, take half a piece of bacon and wrap it around the pepper. Place the wrapped peppers onto the lined baking sheet, and throw in the oven for 45 minutes, or until the bacon looks cooked to your liking. Pull out of the oven, wait a few minutes before eating them as the cream cheese gets really hot.

Note: you can also make them on the BBQ, and flip them continuously, but that makes a mess of the BBQ, and my father loves his Napoleon more that anything, so that rarely happens.


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