Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to Cook Beets 101

Beets boiling in the PURPLE water :)
Beets are actually really healthy for you. They are also sweet, but not too sweet which is nice to have in a vegetable every now and again... not to mention CHEAP! My Grampa brought me some tasty small beets that he had left over in his garden. They were quite small, the the cooking time would have to be increased a bit for larger beets. This is just basically how to cook them :)


Rinse the outside of the beets so there isn't a lot of dirt on the outside. Don't cut them or clean them too carefully because the skin will be removed later. Boil some water in the pot, then submerge the beets in the boiling water. Cook them for about 25 minutes, or until you can stick a fork in them,  but not too mushy. Then remove from heat and run them under cool water. Using your hands, roll the skin off the outside. It should easily peel off. THEN EAT!


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