Overcoming your Cibophobia

Cibophobia: the fear of FOOD!!! duhduhduhhhh

The following is a list of tips for buying, storing, and cooking your food. Hopefully, with this list, you will save time and money on groceries, allowing you to purchase that textbook (or, you know, other university/college necessities...).

-Here are some food temperature guidelines

-microwaves cost more to run than stoves, so cook soup and veggies on the stove

-"best before" date is not a synonym for "throw out after" date

-large containers of yogourt are cheaper than the individually packaged ones, and if you get vanilla or plain, then you can flavour it with jam or honey or maple syrup

-cut a large block of cheese into 3, and plastic-wrap them individually with Ciran wrap with no bubbles so the mould doesn`t grow as fast

-add some lemon juice to fruit salad, especially apples, to make the fruit not turn brown

-if you see mould on anything, there is 3 times as much mould branched inside, so dont eat it (eat at your discretion, I've never died not following this tip)

-peppers with 3 lobes on the bottom are easier to cut into slices, and they say they are sweeter than their 4-lobed counterparts

-bananas in the fridge will turn brown faster than left out, but the inside of the banana will keep for longer

-separate your bananas before storing them so they dont ripen as fast

-put super ripe bananas in the freezer and save them to make smoothies (or bread) with

-cream cheese in scrambled eggs and omelettes is heavenly

-foods that can literally last forever: baby carrots, apples, grapes

-avocados are ripe when they are darker and firm as a ripe tomato, so buy them according to when you will be using them

-put unripe tomatoes/avocados/etc on the windowsill to ripen if they are off the plant

-when you buy meat (pork loin, ground beef, salmon, etc) cut it into slices, then wrap them in cirran and freeze them for individual meals

-to take the seeds out of a cantaloupe, cut it in half, then use a spoon to scoop the seeds out into a garbage, then cut the rest of it

-microwave pasteries (pizza, muffins, etc) with a little glass of water to keep them from getting chewy

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