Tips To Student Living

Here are some tips about various things that we have learned during the time we have lived away from our mommy and daddy:

-use a drier sheet if your hair is staticy

-conditioner works the same as shaving cream, except is cheaper

-the stove uses less energy than the microwave

-if you have a squeeky door, spray the hinges with PAM (or cooking oil) to stop the squeek

-blankets are cheaper than heat

-if you buy an internet package, sometimes it comes with basic cable

-google has this new thing where you can call a home phone from your computer using gmail

-a good toaster oven is the most practical kitchen appliance you could ever have

-only buy coffee during Tim Horton`s roll up the rim to win, other than that, make your own

-if you don't rinse your dishes right after you use them, the food will never come off

-if you line your pans with tin foil, you wont have to wash as much

-J-cloths are perfect for anything because then you can just toss them in the garbage instead of clean them

-study anywhere but in your bedroom, or you will be tempted to stay up too late/go to bed too early. The thrill of the walk back from the library at night is the best thing after a long day of studying.

-wrap your textbooks in wrapping paper to keep them in pristine condition so you get more money for them when you sell them

-use a cut open toilet paper roll to keep your wrapping paper together.

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